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Double Eyelid Suture

Psychologically we are attracted to bigger eyes and associate it with youth and good health. However, the thought of going under the knife to achieve this is scary! (And fortunately, you don’t have to).

NextMed signature double eyelid suture uses the revolutionary DST (double suture and twist) technique. The DST was invented by the Japanese and has become the number one aesthetic procedure in South Korea. Patients love it because it is quick, non-surgical, scar-less and the natural looking results are permanent.

Some of the reasons you might want a double eyelid suturing procedure are to fix asymmetrical or unbalanced eye lids, make the eyes appear larger, eyelids interfere with vision, lift drooping or hooded lids or you just simply have monolid (single eyelid) and prefer double eyelids.

With NextMed signature double eyelid suture, we personalise your double eyelids according to crease height, design and degree of eye opening. The overall effect is bigger, brighter eyes and a more beautiful you.

Q  : How soon can the results be seen?

A  : Immediate and will more natural after 2 weeks.

Q : How long do the effects last?

A : Permanent.

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Double Eyelid