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What is Silhouette Soft® ?

Silhouette Soft® is non-surgical and minimally invasive – it is a treatment to lift the skin.

Developed by scientists in the USA using reconstructive and aesthetic surgical expertise, Silhouette Soft® threads are made of a Poly L-Lacitc Acid monofilament with moulded cones made of lactide / glycolide.

The suture acts as scaffolding under the surface of the skin to lift sagging soft tissues. The cones initially hold the threads in place and, in time, stimulate the body’s production of collagen to replace depleted facial volume which diminishes with age.

Polylactic acid (PLA) is the main component, a well-known polymer which has been used for many years in many biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. PLA is a key material in the development of tissue engineering and has a long history of use as resorbable suture, a drug delivery system and in surgery, in particular in orthopaedic fixation devices such as pins, rods & screws.

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Why Choose Silhouette Soft

Not all threads are created equal. In fact, some offer more beautiful and long-lasting results than others. When you choose Silhouette Soft, you choose threads made from medical grade materials.

For immediate results

  • Restore facial contours without surgery.
  • Redefine your jawline.
  • Correct sagging skin

For busy lives with no time to spare

  • Ideal for busy lives – the procedure is performed
    in under an hour on an outpatient basis.
  • Downtime is minimal – many clients return
    to work the next day.
  • Performed under local anaesthetic.

For long-term enhancement

  • Progressive restoration of lost collagen.
  • Long-lasting, with beautiful results for up
    to 24 months.
  • Can be safely repeated as signs of ageing
    begin to reappear.

For peace of mind

  • Minimally invasive procedure with beautifully
    effective results.
  • Fully resorbable elements – your body breaks Silhouette Soft down over time.
  • Safety record you can rely on – more than
    400,000 treatments have been performed
    in more than 70 countries.

Combined results*

The Silhouette Soft thread lift is often recommended by clinicians because it works so well with other treatments.

STEP 1 : Increase Fullness & Volume

Your aesthetic expert can use ELLANSE – a collagen stimulating injectable – before your thread lift to restore volume.

STEP 2 : Lift & Restore

Next, the Silhouette Soft thread lift is used to lift and recreate youthful contours – it will continue stimulating collagen production within

STEP 3 : Highlight & Perfect

Finally, ELLANSE fillers add the final touches, topping up and boosting any areas where a little more volume might enhance your look…

Frequent Asked Question (FAQS)

Through the repositioning of the fat deposits and elevation of the skin, Silhouette Soft restores the face and neck shape and redefines specifically cheek and jawline contours. The suspension suture and cone technology repositions the skin and fat, particularly around the cheeks and jawline, to give definition and providing immediate effects.

Long-term effects come from the body’s foreign body reaction, which stimulates collagen synthesis from the activation of the fibroblasts present in the skin. This stimulation occurs in the tissue area surrounding the suture and cones. Collagen production is naturally reduced with ageing and therefore this ‘re-stimulation’ is pivotal to providing long-term improvement of the face and neck contours.

Silhouette Soft suspension sutures are made from PLLA and PLGA (Poly L Lactic Acid & Poly Lactic-co-Glycolic Acid), both utilised safely in medicine for decades.

Silhouette Soft can cause a minimal inflammatory reaction, due to the insertion of a foreign body into the skin. This is a well-known reaction and common to all minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. In some cases, patients can experience minor pain, swelling and/or bruising. If you are unsure about any potential side effects please contact your treating healthcare provider.

The recovery period for Silhouette Soft can vary depending on a variety of factors, and can be anywhere between a few days and up to two weeks.

There are a variety of post-treatment recommendations to aid in recovery and to minimise any potential negative effects on the Silhouette Soft suspension sutures. Your healthcare professional will be able to advise the best aftercare after your Silhouette Soft treatment.

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