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Tear trough rejuvenation

Best dark Eye Circle Treatment : Tear Trough Rejuvenation

What is tear trough rejuvenation and how it treats dark circle eye?


Tear trough rejuvenation is a simple and safe non-surgical procedure that will eliminate saggy dark eye circles and leave you looking fresh. Thus, it is one of the dark eye circles treatments. There are few methods for dark eye circles treatment including tear trough rejuvenation, picolaser to lighten the dark area under eyes, treat underlying medical condition like sinusitis. 

A healthy tear trough (the hollow between the lower eyelid and cheek) directs tears to run straight down the cheek. But aging and heredity factors can cause the tear troughs to sink. This makes tears run along the trough to the side of the cheek. Thus, exaggerated eye bags and dark circles appear on your face, causing you to look prematurely old and permanently tired.

Delicately applied filler injections will restore the plumpness to your under-eye area, transforming your appearance to look younger and well rested. This result is immediate and make you look fresh and less tired after filler injection. Additionally, it will give you a more defined cheek which eventually immediate face lift too.


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tear trough rejuvenation
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