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V-shape Face

Jawline slimming or masseter reduction is now a popular, non-surgical procedure to achieve a youthful V-shaped face. Your chewing muscle (Masseter muscle) is one of the strongest in your body. But it makes some people’s jawline look bulky. Reasons for this vary from ethnicity (e.g. Asians) to excessive chewing and teeth grinding. At best, a square jawline looks manly, at worse it causes pain.

Botox injections are applied to the masseter muscles to shrink them. The result is a more graceful, V-shape jawline.

Mesolipo Fat Melting

The unsightly double chin and jowls inverts the youthful heart-shaped face into a chunky triangle. NextMed lipolysis is a gentle way of melting and removing stubborn pockets of fat in this area. While not a weight loss method, it is an ingenious face sculpting technique to eliminate the double chin and jowls for a fresher, slimmer appearance.

Chin Augmentation

Non-surgical chin enhancement brings harmony to your face by recontouring your chin.

When the chin is poorly defined, the border between the face and the neck becomes less distinctive. This is not only aesthetically displeasing, but it ages the lower face prematurely by allowing jowls and neck folds to appear earlier.


HIFU and Threadlift (V-Lift) is a skin tightening and skin lifting procedure. HIFU is a non-invasive procedure, no downtime, instant lifting results.

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Face Augmentation