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V-Shape Face

BTA is used in the masseter muscles (the jaw muscles, near your cheekbones). It helps to reduce the jaw tension and soften a square jaw to give a slimmer lower face shape. This treatment is also sometimes called jaw Botox or V-shape face contouring.

Other than improving facial contour, masseter Botox also helps in managing teeth grinding, relieves headaches or migraines caused by a tensed jaw.

Jawline slimming or masseter reduction is now a popular, non-surgical procedure to achieve a youthful V-shaped face. Your chewing muscle (Masseter muscle) is one of the strongest in your body. But it makes some people’s jawline look bulky. Reasons for this vary from ethnicity (e.g. Asians) to excessive chewing and teeth grinding. At best, a square jawline looks manly, at worse it causes pain.

Botox injections are applied to the masseter muscles to shrink them. The result is a more graceful, V-shape jawline.

How soon can the results be seen?
As early as 3 weeks, with best results showing after repeated treatments.

How long do the effects last?
Up to 4 months.

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V-shape Face